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READING - remote

akashic Records
Live Zoom

20 min remote Constitutional Energy Healing session + psychic profiling.

45 min recorded session, performed remotely - answering 5-7 questions from your Akashic Records.

90 min live Zoom session - including an energy healing within the Akashic Records + Q&A.


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Constitutional Energy Healing is a form of healing work that derives from an ancient practice called Sat Nam Rasayan, connected with the higher technologies of kundalini yoga.  Sessions are performed over Zoom, and are highly effective to shift emotional/energetic movement in the physical system.  Leah ends each session concluding with a psychic profiling from your higher guidance. 

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READING - remote

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The Akashic Records are the energetic library of our soul history.  By working with the records, we can access knowledge, guidance, direction and healing frequency from our higher guides that is supportive to our current understanding and experience of self. Leah performs each session remotely, querying your 5-7 selected questions and voice-recording her live reading for you to refer to at any time. 

Akashic REcords
Live zoom

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A deepened immersion into the Akashic Records, this session is performed live over Zoom, where Leah queries your 7-10 questions in real-time.  Sessions include an energy healing within the records, and an open dialogue Q&A with your higher guides.  This is a comprehensive and transformative way of engaging with the heightened frequency of our High Selves and can incur tremendous self-awareness. 

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Energetic alchemy is the process of being able to recognize and turn into our aggravations and use them as guidance for ‘Right Path’-ing ourselves on the way to exaltation. All of this is guided by our Higher Energetic Selves, by you.

Leah Gibson

Emotional & energetic healing

spiritual awakenings

Heightened consciousness



A shift in ideological framework that founds an expanded understanding of the Self, promoting elevated health, well-being & vitality. 

A dissolution of preconceived past- limitations, and simultaneously heightened sensitivity in energetically connecting to others in varying ways. 

Elevated levels of creativity & inspiration - a deeper connection to one's own inner guidance, intuition, & connection to the Higher Self. 

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Manifestations of the desired life

Elevated well-being

increase in creativity

An increase in one's creative capacity with navigating the desired life; a deeper sense of ones's unfolding purpose & means of authentic self-expression.

Heightened frequency that results in feelings of joy, liberation, exaltation and sensitized connectivity - to self and others. 

High-transmission creative 'downloads' are frequent; a conscious connection to creative guidance and inspired activity. 


The act of growing.


Initiated or begun by oneself.

Higher Consciousness

The part of the human mind that is capable of transcending animal instincts.

cultivating patterns and habits that initiate higher consciousness

love notes

Working with Leah has been very relaxing and positive, I felt immediately like my creative block was lifted. I thoroughly enjoyed the session and now have take away thoughts and ideas on how to work on myself further.

Unreal!! Leah is a powerful healer. 

My experience with Leah was so seems so knowledgable and I felt so comfortable with her, she leads a very positive experience and I felt really good and more grounded after our session.